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The Magic

Russ Harvey can perform a variety of magic effects that will leave your guests or clients more dumbfounded than Katie Price trying to read the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Russ will combine baffling tricks and offbeat humour to get everyone talking and laughing, not only on the day but long after your event. He will be seen at your event performing effects with cards, coins and has even been known to read people’s minds by harnessing the mysterious powers of that much-underestimated household object: the egg whisk.

As a baby Russ was left on the doorstep of the Magic Circle with a simple note that read, ‘Please teach this baby magic & look after him.’ As such he is a fully fledged member of the Magic Circle which means he knows his craft inside out and the correct way to hold a wand (most people think you use your hands, alas this is not the case).

Russ has fifty years experience performing . Which is odd as he is only 46 years old.

In all seriousness Russ is a deeply talented magician with years of experience, so why not give him a call today!


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For all enquiries…

Contact Russ Harvey on 07773 803933, email [email protected] or click here.